Don't forget that it's SysAdmin Day

Here's a look at how it all started

Today is the 12th annual SysAdmin Day and my colleague Ann Bednarz (not a sysadmin) has written a story about how the event got started that includes an interview with IT pro Ted Kekato, the guy who did the starting.

From that story:

At the startup where he worked in 2000, Kekatos was on the planning committee for an employee picnic and wound up supplying the grill, cooler and other items. "It just kind of became SysAdmin Appreciation Day, kind of a joke thing," he says. Around the same time, HP ran a print ad that showed an IT guy sitting in a cubicle with a crowd of people lining up to give him fruit baskets, flowers and other gifts. "I remember tearing that ad out and pinning it up in my cubicle," Kekatos says.

If you've come to work today unprepared to recognize your favorite sysadmin on his or her special day, here's one place where you can at least get an e-card.

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