Stop the presses: Next iPhone now reportedly due in October

Which raises a question, at least in my mind

When we left our offices on Friday, conventional wisdom was telling us that Apple's next iPhone will be delivered in late September.

This morning that late September has been supplanted by sometime in October, according to "sources with knowledge of the situation" blabbing to All Things Digital.

When exactly in October was not specified, nor was the earlier when in late September, which means this latest grinding of the rumor mill could encompass an additional wait of as a little as a week or two, a few days, or, the very second that Sept. 30 rolls over into Oct. 1.

Can you stand the suspense?

Don't get me wrong, if I had "sources with knowledge of the situation" and they told me any detail whatsoever regarding the next iPhone, you can be certain that I would report it here with great fanfare ... and smile broadly as the page-views pile up.

So I understand that this is news. What I don't understand is why anyone cares.

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