With LG patent in tow, Operating Systems Solutions LLC sues Apple over OS X's use of quick-booting;

With LG patent in tow, Operating Systems Solutions LLC last week sued Apple over OS X's use of quick-booting;

With all of the high profile tech lawsuits currently in play, one struggles to think of a more litigious period involving some of the world's largest tech companies.

Apple itself is not surprisingly right in the mix of many of these suits. For example, Apple currently has ongoing litigation with the likes of HTC, Motorola, Samsung and a host of other companies. And for every lawsuit that can easily be contextualized - i.e Apple suing Samsung for copying the look and feel of iOS - there are a number of lawsuits that ostensibly look to be nothing more than blatant money grabs. One only has to look at the number of lawsuits attacking Apple for faulty antenna design on the iPhone 4 despite the fact that users had the ability to return the device at no extra cost.

Recently, though, Apple was hit with a lawsuit that raises a lot more questions than answers.

Last week, a company called Operating Systems Solutions LLC filed suit against Apple for patent infringement. The Florida-based company - which appears to have been created solely for the purpose of this lawsuit - alleges that Apple's OS X operating system infringes on a patent relating to quick booting a computer system.

The claim at issue reads:

A method for fast booting a computer system, comprising the steps of: A. performing a power on self test (POST) of basic input output system (BIOS) when the system is powered on or reset is requested; B. checking whether a boot configuration information including a system booting state which was created while executing a previous normal booting process exists or not; C. storing the boot configuration information from execution of the POST operation before loading a graphic interface (GUI) program, based on the checking result; and D. loading the graphic user interface (GUI) program.

As a result, Operating Systems Solutions alleges that any Apple product utilizing OS X is infringing.

Now what makes this case so interesting is that the patent in question was originally owned by LG. Since first being granted, the patent has changed ownership a number of times before winding up in the hands of Operating Systems Solutions.

Now it's not unusual for companies to sell patents to third parties. Just recently, for example, IBM sold over 1,000 patents to Google. But seeing as how LG makes Android-based handsets, some have speculated that LG might be behind the latest patent lawsuit attacking Apple.

At this point in the game, it's too early to tell exactly who has a stake in this lawsuit. For all we know, Operating Systems Solutions is nothing more than your standard patent trolling non practicing entity looking to cash in on other's success.

In any event, Operating Systems Solutions is seeking lost profits and damages as a result of Apple's alleged infringement.

via Patently Apple

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