Cisco adds carrier routing, switch share in Q2

ALU adds 2 percentage points, while Juniper gives up 1.3%; and, I'm going on vacation for two weeks!

I know some of my Anon detractors will be thrilled with this news: I'm going on vacation for two weeks! So this will likely be the last post in "The Cisco Connection" until August 29. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

I leave you with this -- the first in what is sure to be a slew of Q2 market numbers from the major market number crunchers. This one reviews the carrier routing and switch market, which is experiencing healthy growth despite product ramping and transition issues faced by Cisco and Juniper, respectively.

The worldwide carrier routing and switching market grew 14.3% in the second quarter, with core routing up 12.4% and edge routing and switching up almost 15% from last year, according to ACG Research. The drivers were video - content networking, secure content publishing and distributed caching - BRAS replacement, mobile Internet and cloud.

From Q1, carrier router and switch revenues were up almost 8%. Core routing was up 2.7% from Q1 and edge routing and switching were up over 9%, according to ACG. Revenue grew to almost $3 billion in the quarter from $2.6 billion in the same quarter last year, and $2.74 billion in Q1.

Cisco maintained market leadership with a 50.8% share, according to ACG. Juniper was second with 19.9% share and Alcatel-Lucent was third, with a 17.9% share. Cisco gained .7 percentage points of share from Q1 despite waiting for its CRS-3 core router to ramp. Analysts say service providers are still in tire kicking mode with the CRS-3, and Cisco said high-end routing revenue was down 3% in its fiscal Q4.

Juniper gave up 1.3 percentage points, ACG found. Juniper is going through a core router transition from its T1600 to the new T4000. Juniper said it won't realize revenue from the T4000 until next year.

Alcatel-Lucent gained almost 2 percentage points of share from Q1. Tellabs was fourth with a 3.2% share of the market and a .7 percentage point drop from Q1; and Huawei was fifth with a 2.7% share, down .2 percentage points from Q1.

In the second half of the year, ACG expects 7% to 10% growth in the router market.

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