Driver using two cell phones gets 12 month driving ban

UK man convicted a mobile phone while driving, having no insurance and not being in a position to have proper control

This guy is the poster boy for why cell phone usage in cars should be banned in more places.

According to press out of the United Kingdom, a man who was driving at 70MPH while texting on one phone and talking on the other has been banned from driving for a year.

Initial reports said that the driver, David Secker was apparently using his knees to steer the car, an accusation he refuted in court apparently.

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From a BBC report: The court heard that when officers pulled Secker over, they had to wait for him to finish his phone conversation. Prosecutor Denis King said: "He was seen holding a mobile phone to his right ear and as he moved closer the officer saw he was holding another phone in his other hand as though he was texting."

 Secker had been found guilty of using a mobile phone while driving, having no insurance and not being in a position to have proper control. [cell phone usage while driving in the car is banned is banned in the UK].

Secker's lawyer said told the court his client had in fact been reading a number from one phone to somebody on the other end of the line. He disputed claims that his client had been driving his car with his knees.

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