Next-gen iPhone rumored to launch on October 7th with pre-orders starting on September 30th

The latest iPhone 5 rumor relays that Apple's next-gen smartphone will be available for pre-order on September 30th with a launch date set for October 7th

Thanks to an unexpected delay and an unprecedented number of contradictory rumors, the iPhone 5 is arguably Apple's most anticipated smartphone since it released the original back in the Summer of 2007.

Now, a recent report from 9to5Mac claims that Apple is planning to commence iPhone 5 pre-orders on September 30th. The report relays that Apple is aiming for an October 7th launch date but that the launch window might extend to the 14th just in case manufacturing issues or slowdowns emerge at the last minute.

Now as to what Apple will be releasing come October, well, that's anybody's guess. The latest rumors point to Apple releasing two distinct iPhone models. One would be a low-end device akin to the iPhone 4 and comprised of cheaper materials (perhaps the rumored iPhone 4S) while the other would be dubbed the iPhone 5 - a pro model of sorts with a high-end camera and a larger edge to edge screen.

Further adding a layer of haze to an inordinate number of next-gen iPhone rumors, it was reported yesterday that AT&T was installing 4G LTE equipment in at least one prominent Apple Store. Is it possible that Apple will surprise everyone and release an LTE compatible iPhone? That doesn't seem likely given recent remarks from Tim Cook on the matter but Boy Genius Report earlier this week relayed an independent report claiming that one of Apple's major carriers has already begun testing an LTE compatible iPhone on its network.

As for Apple's stance on the matter, Tim Cook explained during a recent Apple earnings conference call that current LTE chipsets are incompatible with Apple's design goals to the extent that they're too bulky and power hungry.

All we can say is that given the long wait for the iPhone 5 or 4S or whatever it might be called, one can only hope that Apple's next-gen iPhone really delivers and comes with a "wow" factor. After all, with Android continuing to make gains in the marketplace, Apple arguably needs the next iPhone to really solidify the gap between its own offering and what competitors are serving up.

Going back to the release date, 9to5Mac isn't the only source pointing towards an October 7th release date. TiPB reported a similar story this past Friday so we'd like to think that the rumored launch date is accurate.

While only Apple at this point knows for sure when the next-gen iPhone will arrive in stores, you have to believe that Apple will get it out the door well ahead of this year's busy and profitable holiday shopping season.

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