You can play Doom in Germany after 17 year ban ends

Iconic Doom games could still face some restrictions but outright ban ended Aug. 31

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The classic video game Doom can now be bought and played in Germany after a 17-year ban on the program.

The German government agency that controls such things, the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (Bundesprufstelle) had banned the video game 1994 saying it was "likely to harm youth." The game was treated like porn in Germany and could be had in adult stores.

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According to published reports the restrictions on Doom and Doom II were allowed to end on August 31 after  a meeting with the Bundesprufstelle and the owner of Doom, Bethesda Softworks. iD Software which created Doom was bought by Bethesda.

From the BBC: "Bethesda argued that the game's crude graphics had been surpassed by many modern titles and, as a result, the violence it depicted had far less of an impact.  In a document detailing its reasons, the Bundesprufstelle said its original decision was not solely based on the graphic quality of the game, although it noted that most mobile phones now supported far more realistic images. The rules have been relaxed because officials believe that Doom is now only of artistic and scientific interest and will not appeal to youngsters. However, one version of the game remains on the index because it features Nazi symbols on some levels."

Reports say there could still be restrictions on the sale of the games, like you'd have to be at least 16 to buy it.

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