US wants electronic cigarettes banned on aircraft

DOT wants the vapor producing devices off airliners

If you thought those electronic cigarettes which deliver nicotine in a vapor form might slide by on airlines, the US Department of Transportation has some bad news for you.  It wants them banned.

In the Federal Register today, the DOT said it want a new rule prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes and similar products, as tobacco products are now prohibited.

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From the DOT: "Electronic cigarettes cause potential concern because there is a lack of scientific data and knowledge of the ingredients in electronic cigarettes. The Department views its current regulatory ban on smoking of tobacco products to be sufficiently broad to include the use of electronic cigarettes. The Department is taking this action to eliminate any confusion over whether the Department's ban includes electronic cigarettes. The proposal would apply to all scheduled flights of U.S. and foreign carriers involving transportation to and from the U.S."

The DOT says Amtrak has already banned the smoking devices on trains and the US Navy has axed electronic cigarettes below decks in submarines. Several states have taken steps to ban either the sale or use of electronic cigarettes, the DOT notes.

The Department is also considering whether to extend the ban on smoking, including electronic cigarettes, to charter flights of US carriers and foreign air carriers with aircraft that have a designed seating capacity of 19 or more passenger seats.

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