10 Great Videos from DEMO Fall 2011

Robots, virtual realities, better PowerPoint and a Bill Walton cameo

As DEMO Fall 2011 wraps up today in Santa Clara, Calif., here's a bunch of videos from the event that our staff has produced (mainly me). There's lots of cool new companies worth exploring, enjoy the show!

#1: AMP music robot by OLogic: This little robot made everyone happy at the show.

#2: Aurasma 3D-I: Bridging the gap between the physical and virtual world. For some reason, they didn't like the term "augmented reality". Still very cool demo.

#3: WeVideo: Not only will this improve my life professionally, but this online video editing service will help lots of other people get away from bulky video editing suites on their notebooks/PCs. Good stuff.

#4: VisualBee: Creating PowerPoint presentations that don't make your audience fall asleep can be tough if you don't have a graphics staff to help out. This tool (a plug-in) will analyze your text and create a cool, whiz-bang (but not overly austentatious) presentation for you.

#5: I-Postmortem: Nobody wants to talk about their death, but this site can help people prepare their final wishes in an easier way. It lets users create personal messages for family, let them know about bank accounts, web site passwords, and upload images and other wishes. After death, the site becomes part of the worldwide virtual cemetery for friends and family members to visit.

#6: Playkast: Another personal favorite, Playkast should help people that are doing videos to embed them in a different way, enabling a call for action with readers and viewers. For example, users can create a video asking people to comment on a particular issue, and allow for easy uploading of video responses (via Webcam), or asking viewers to pick their favorite videos and compile the answers in an easy way. Watch this site for some Playkast-enabled topics in the future.

#7: Dabble by MashOn: I don't run or own an online retailer, but if I did I would definitely use this service. Dabble lets owners create unique individual products for sale to put on their sites, but it goes a step beyond that. The tool also lets the site's users create their own custom products, with choices of different colors, text options, photos, images, etc. If you have an idea for a cool product or design for clothing or other items (such as a hockey puck), this site can help you create it and sell it.

#8: NeighborOil: You may not think that home heating oil is a technology-related field, but NeighborOil may make you think differently. The site encourages home heating oil customers to earn Neighbor Points through getting friends and others to sign up, as well as through purchases from affiliate partners. With the high costs of heating oil, this can be a great way for homeowners to reduce their costs.

#9: Fav.TV: I'm still a bit skeptical about the concept of social TV, but Fav.TV has a bit of a different approach. Instead of asking users to socialize while they're watching their favorite shows, this site will remind users about upcoming shows (I especially like the alerts feature), and then will remind them about shows they may have missed or not yet watched. Yes, there's a social element (you can share and comment on shows that others are enjoying), but you don't have to do this at the time of the show. If this site can make deals where you can also watch the show (instead of trying to track down where a specific show is playing, either online or for download), this platform could be a hit.

#10: Hold-Free Networks: I didn't interview them on the show floor, but this company did have an entertaining on-stage demo, where they talked about the frustration of staying on hold with a business' customer service reps. The demo includes a cameo from NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton.

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