Google becomes a teenager

Doodle marks company’s 13th birthday

Google Doodle

Google is marking its 13th anniversary this morning with the customary Google Birthday Doodle.

And everyone else is noting the event with teenager wisecracks. Turning to Twitter, we find that most are along the lines of this one from @MrsStephenFry: "Happy 13th birthday to Google. Of course now that it's a teenager, it won't answer anything."

A sampling of the others:

Happy 13th birthday @Google. In another 13 years we'll probably all be working for you in some form. All hail the Google Overlord.

Happy 13th B-Day Google! You're officially a teenager. So I guess if we ask you something and you don't answer, we'll just have to deal with it.

Happy 13th Birthday #Google- yes, just like most teenagers, capricious, moody and sometimes a little full of oneself! ;)

Happy 13th Birthday @google. Same age as my eldest child. Must have been a good year for new developments!

It's #Google's 13th birthday. Will it give grumpy answers, get a crush on yahoo & the 'I'm feeling lucky' button will be renamed 'whatever'.

Happy 13th Birthday Google. Expect slower search responses as Google sulks in it's room.

Happy 13th Birthday, Google! Our lives are all in the hands of an omnipresent multi-billionaire teenager.

Sadly google on his 13th birthday got only three gifts, clearly he has cheap friends.

And, finally, there were a number of variations on this one: "Google has turned 13 and is finally old enough to open an account on Facebook."

(Update: Search Engine Watch has collected all the previous Google Birthday Doodles.)

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