10 excellent IT how-to videos

A good how-to video aimed at IT professionals is a rare and beautiful thing. Here are 10.

Videos get a bad rap among IT staffs. The perception is that most videos flying around the Internet depict morons falling off their skateboards or teenagers mangling pop songs. Plus, they eat up lots of bandwidth. And most IT professionals don’t have the time to watch videos even if they weren’t fluff.

However, often there is good information delivered via video, and there are a few that IT pros should take a look at. Here are 10 IT how-to videos worth a look, either hosted here at Network World or garnering top ratings at YouTube. Enjoy.

How to speed Web performance (part 1)

How to speed Web performance (part 2)

How to manage Wi-Fi efficiently

How to Configure NetFlow on Cisco Routers

Network Mapping

Home Networking Tools, Tips and Tricks

How to automate Windows 7 backups

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How to retrieve deleted files

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