He's baaaaack: Larry Page again posts publicly on Google+

Google CEO breaks month-and-a-half-long public G+ silence


It had become one of those media-driven tempests - "Hey, look, Google CEO Larry Page has stopped using Google+" -- and, truth be told, this one got rolling right here on Buzzblog when I noted Sept. 16 that Page had not posted publicly on his fledgling social network for a full month.

(While I was careful to note that an absence of public posts didn't mean Page had abandoned Google+ altogether, others were less concerned about such fine points.)

Well, after remaining publicly silent for another 12 days, Page finally tossed the masses a bone on Wednesday when he wrote:

"Just back from our Zeitgeist conference. I am very inspired by the other speakers. Here is a link to my talk with Eric and I doing general questions at the end. Big responsibilities and opportunities ahead!"

He also embedded the video.

Not exactly the Gettysburg Address, but Page was back ... and people did notice.

Among the 257 comments left on his post were:

"Finally. Media has been making noise about your silence here. I guess we see your post after the last quarterly results. Looking forward to what interesting statistics you share in the next."

"Welcome back to Google+ Mr. Page :)"

"Thanks for sharing! Glad to see you here again :)"

" You didn't dump Google+ after all :)"

"You should appear more often! This was refreshing!"

My point in the initial post was that Page shouldn't have set up shop on Google+, been Mr. Chatty for a couple of weeks, then gone publicly silent without explanation. That should be even more evident now that his base of followers, then 300,000, is now approaching a half million.

And they're clamoring to hear from him.

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