Steve Jobs told biographer he knew his time was short

UPDATED: And he apparently liked this particular photo a lot

Steve Jobs

Four weeks ago Steve Jobs told the author of his upcoming biography, Walter Isaacson, that he knew he would not live long, according to the Wall Street Journal:

According to a person familiar with the matter, Isaacson last interviewed Jobs four weeks ago, right before, and right after he stepped down from his post as the CEO of Apple.

Jobs indicated at that time that he knew he was going to die soon. The scene will appear at the end of the book.

The authorized biography is scheduled to be released Nov. 21 by Simon & Schuster. Based on pre-orders, it is Amazon's best-selling book at the moment.

The cover photo for the book about Jobs is the same one being used on Apple's homepage today to mark his passing.

(8 piles of paper replaced by iPads)

Kara Swisher of All Things D wrote in August of the book cover: "It is actually an old and well known, if striking, photo of Jobs, which has been much used by Apple over the years."   

That the photo is being used on both the book cover and Apple's homepage might be a coincidence, but to even entertain that possibility you'd have to believe Jobs was a man who didn't bother himself with details.

(Update: The book's release date has been moved up a month. No surprise.)

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