Fedora 17 Recognized as Beefy Miracle

The voters have spoken and the next version of Fedora will be codenamed Beefy Miracle.

The past couple of weeks have been exciting over in the Fedora camp. Fedora 16 beta barely burst onto the scene when along came the codename announcement for the next release, Fedora 17, a.k.a Beefy Miracle.

Jared K. Smith announced the voting results on the Fedora Project announce list. Beefy Miracle came in first with 1,182 votes, followed by Liege (1,035 votes), Never (881 votes), and Gernsback (791 votes). Rocky Ripple made a respectable showing with 641 votes, beating Alpharabius by 12 points to secure fifth place.

To be fair, Beefy Miracle supporters put on a much more enthusiastic, energetic campaign than other codename candidates. There's the Beefy Miracle website, with its history page detailing the origins of the codename back in early 2011 at the FUDCon event in Tempe, Arizona. And much like Obama supporters proudly wore the future president's face on t-shirts, Beefy Miracle voters showed their support with “The Mustard Indicates Progress” tees.

As brand communications coordinator Ruth Suehle announced in her Beefy Miracle codename tweet after the votes were tallied, “I think from this day forward, October 10 shall always be celebrated as Beefy Miracle Day. Plan your PTO and meals accordingly.”

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