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16 port 40G Ethernet switch could be part of October 18 rollout

More information on Cisco's October 18 data center announcement is beginning to trickle out. And while Cisco would not confirm any of it, we feel it's our obligation to share it with our readers.

Last week we revealed that Cisco is expected to unveil Fabric 2 for the Nexus 7000 switch line, which would bring the 7000 to 550Gbps per slot and, according to documents on the Cisco Web site, allow the switch to realize its 15Tbps potential. This appears to be achievable through the fabric's parallel forwarding architecture, according to the documents -- Fabric 1 allowed the Nexus 7000 to achieve a capacity of over 8Tbps through parallel forwarding.

Also expected is a nine-slot version of the 7000. Some of these products may already be shipping - indeed, some readers claim to have seen them in the pipeline and documentation appears on the Cisco Web site - but Cisco may not have publicly announced them yet. Cisco may also add a 14-slot chassis to the Nexus 7000 line during the 10/18 launch, sources say.

Sources also tell us Cisco is extending its Nexus 3000 line with the Nexus 3016, a 16-port 40G Ethernet switch. The Nexus 3000 line was introduced earlier this year and is targeted at financial trading environments.

Also on tap could be the Nexus 3064, a 64-port 10G switch. The Nexus 3000 currently sports 48 1G/10G ports.

Coming down the pike, sources say - it is unclear if these will be part of the 10/18 launch - are the Nexus 3064 E and Nexus 3064 X. The E version offers 2x the table size of the 3064; the X version features latency that's 100 nanoseconds lower than the E. Both the X and E are based on Broadcom's Trident+ chipset while the 3064 is based on Trident, our sources say.

Even further down the pike might be 'Jawbreaker,' the fabric line based on merchant silicon - Broadcom Trident+ when we first reported on it -- and expected in late 2012. Sources tell us 'Jawbreaker' is still under development at Cisco even though Cisco continues to broaden its proprietary ASIC-based Nexus switches for the data center.

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