PASS 2011 Begins

The PASS Summit has started with a bang.

I'm sitting here at the blogger table at the PASS Summit 2011. I got here Sunday, and it's already been an action-packed week. We spent the first 2 days on MS campus in MVP sessions and I'm already tired. So far the most noteable part of PASS 2011 is the first-timers program. This program was started last year and really hit its peak this year. It's a program where those who are at the conference for the first time get assigned a big brother so to speak who takes them under his wing and shows them around, introduces them to people, gives them tips, etc. It's a great program, and this year I'm a big brother to a group of DBAs from all over the world. I wasn't too sure how the whole thing would go over initially, but in talking to the first timers, they just love it. They had no idea what they were going to do, or where anything was and we've been able to get them going quite nicely. It's very apparent that PASS as a organization is committed to making sure the summit is an event people want to come back to. Now, probably the biggest part of the Summit is the release of the new MVP Deep Dives book. This is a title that was written by many MVPs, and all the money goes to charity. So if you're at the Summit, make sure you actually buy a copy of the book because it's for a good cause. If you're not at the Summit, then you can get your copy here. My favorite part of the Summit itself is the SQLCAT labs where you can go in pretty much anytime during the week and get advice on some of your toughest SQL problems by Microsoft's top people. I spend time in there every year just listening to the problems that people come in with. I just love it. You can also find me at the Experts Pods twice this year. I'll be at the Enterprise Management pod so come up with some of your questions, and I'll try to butcher them as little as I can. That's all I've got for now, but I'll be blogging all week from the Summit so stay tuned.

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