Rock the kilt

Day 2 of PASS 2011

Here we are on day 2 of PASS 2011, and it's without a doubt the best day of the Summit. Not only is it the day after the event we, the MidnightDBAs sponsor, but it's also officially kilt day. A few years ago some people started wearink kilts on day 2 and it just caught on so now there are many of us who do. I remember the first time I heard about this, I honestly thought they were just trying to see if they could get me to show up in a skirt. So I was really nervous that first time, but there were lots of others in kilts so it definitely wasn't a joke. And now the outcasts are those who DON'T wear kilts. But that's one of the things I love about this summit. The community is just so cool, and we're such a tight group of friends and our circle is growing all the time. I talked yesterday about the first timers program, and we've already gotten a couple new friends out of it. It's amazing these guys haven't been here before because they just fit in so well. I also blogged about the keynote yesterday on my DBARant blog. You can see that post here. Now, they announced the due date for SQL Server 2012 (new official name) yesterday and you can read that at the link above. So like I said, I'm here at the bloggers table at the keynote and we're supposed to have lots of Denali demos today. So probably the biggest new feature of this release is AlwaysOn. This is their new HADR strategy that allows for a readable mirror. Currently we're getting the same demo we've seen 100x, but it's good technology. I really do wish they'd come up with some new and more impressive demos for these big presentations though. What does it tell you though that they're giving a talk on AlwaysOn, and everyone's clapping that they used zoomIt. The next demo is on colume store. No wait, it looks like he's just going to mention it. Maybe he'll pull someone out in a minute but it doesn't look like it. Ok, I stand corrected... we're getting our column store demo, and frankly, I've seen it demoed a couple times but never from the front end. It's an excellent feature that you won't be able to use for OLTP, but you'll be able to add it to your warehouse for your star queries. This is just v.1 so they'll be expanding the offering in the future. So anyway, column store, if done right, can speed your star queries by 10x. I don't think it'll do me much good in my current gig, but I love it and I really wish I could use it. In the demo, the report went from 45secs to .3secs. Good stuff that. I also like the new data alerts. You can set it up so that whenever you get a condition met in a table, you can get an alert via email (and other methods) that tells you about it. That's not only useful for the business, but also for IT. I can easily see a scenario where we setup data alerts on some of our DMVs that notifies us when certain performance metrics get out of whack. Now they're moving on to appliances, and frankly I'm just not that interested in appliances so I'll let someone else write about that. That's it for now.

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