OpenMAMA 1.1 for Linux on x86 Systems Released

Financial services industry players collaborate on common messaging interface project hosted by the Linux Foundation

In the past, there was no common open source API that connects multiple transports to applications, but now financial services industry leaders, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, EMC, and JP Morgan Chase, are collaborating on the new OpenMAMA (Middleware Agnostic Messaging API) project, which the Linux Foundation will host. The announcement says:

“The move to high volume, low latency messaging in multiple market sectors has created the need for an open source project and standard. The OpenMAMA project will provide a way for companies to collaborate across industries and accelerate adoption of this common API for any architecture.”

The OpenMAMA project should help companies collaborate across industries and accelerate adoption of the common API for any architecture:

”As a middleware agnostic project, OpenMAMA enables users to embrace new middleware technologies and applications as the market changes. It also helps organizations speed time to market for “event-driven” applications and ensures high performance, both in terms of throughput and message latency.”

Linux plays a big role in the financial services industry. “For example, NYSE, which is the world’s largest exchange and runs on Linux, generates 1.5 million quotes and processes 250,000 orders every second,” the Linux Foundation says.

The OpenMAMA site explains how the project works, saying, “OpenMama uses a common publish/subscribe idiom (pub/sub). In this messaging pattern the messages are not sent directly to the receivers, but published to a topic. Subscribers express interest in one or more topic, and receive only messages that concern them. This decoupling of publishers and subscribers allows for greater scalability.”

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