IT job listings plateau

Growth in the IT jobs market has stalled in recent months

Compared to a year ago, the IT job market looks healthy. As of November 1, listed 81,680 available tech jobs, up 12% from 72,673 jobs in November 2010. But a look at Dice's stats from the last five months shows that growth in the IT jobs market has stalled:

Available tech jobs:

  • November 1: 81,680
  • October 1: 83,567
  • September 1: 82,836
  • August 1: 81,498
  • July 1: 82,867

"The recruiting environment for tech professionals is less urgent than what we experienced in the first half of the year," stated Alice Hill, managing director at While the job count is up 12% compared to a year ago, and the number of resumes viewed on Dice is at an all-time high, "the Dice job count has plateaued for five months - a subtle sign that some restraint has returned to the recruiting landscape."

The tech jobs site didn't speculate about what will happen in 2012: "Only time will tell if the near-term elevated uncertainty evaporates in the new year," Hill wrote.

Meanwhile, Dice offered some insight into companies' recruiting priorities by listing what experience hiring managers are looking for when they search the Dice resume database.

Hiring managers' top requests in Q3:

  • Java/J2EE or Java developer
  • .NET or .NET developer
  • Business analyst
  • Sharepoint or Sharepoint developer
  • Project manager

On the flip side, Dice listed the positions being sought by tech pros who posted their resumes.

Job seekers' desired positions in Q3:

  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • Software engineer or software developer
  • Network engineer
  • Systems administrator
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