Parody page on Google+ looks to have been wakeup call for BoA

Bank of America now has an official Google+ Page

BoA official

Less than 24 hours after a Bank of America parody page began to get greater attention on Google+ -- including here -- the financial giant has apparently stepped up to create a Google+ Page of its own.

Which is something every major brand should be scrambling to do if they haven't done it already.

I include the qualifier "apparently" above only out of an abundance of caution. The new Bank of America Google+ Page does include the Google+ "verified name" check, so I'm going to trust that until someone in the hacker world proves I shouldn't. (And should that happen, the consequences could be devastating.) The official BoA site contains nothing but contact information - no funny business.

The "verified name" designation already appears on some personal Google+ personal pages - mine is here - but I haven't seen it on Google+ Pages for businesses and brands. (Google calls in business/brands service Google+ Pages, which had they asked me I would have advised against because it's potentially confusing.)

I've contacted the Google public relations department to see if they'll confirm the authenticity of the Bank of America page.

As of this morning, the parody page is still up and using the official BoA logo. I can't imagine that will last much longer.

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