Shipping-related spam rises as holidays near

According to no less of an authority than our IT department


I just received this alert from my company's IT department, and, while I'm sure all of you regular readers are already on your toes regarding this stuff, it might be a good time to offer a reminder to your end users ... at work and at home:

We have been noticing an increase of spam mail finding its way through from spammers posed as major shipping companies, DHL, Fedex and UPS.  Most of these have a similar subject line that reads, Express Tracking Notification or Package Tracking Details. They point the recipient to an attachment to open and many of the attachments are .zip files.

With the holidays approaching, this form of spam will rise due to the increase in shipping packages this time of year.  Please take note that spammers will use major retail store names and web sites like Amazon to get you to open their mail and enclosed attachments.

Please be suspicious of these and if for any reason you are unsure of the sender and or the subject line of the email, delete it.

Not that anyone is doing their holiday shopping while at work or anything.

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