The most useless reminder note anyone's ever written

And I apologize in advance for whatever misfortune its uselessness may cause


The picture isn't great, I know, so here's what the note says: "Double-check" ... with an apparently lowercase "o" underneath ... and the beginnings of another character after that, so incompletely formed as to offer little clue as to its intended identity.

And here's what I know about this note:

I wrote it.

That's all.

I don't have the foggiest notion as to what it was that I was supposed to double-check.

Whatever it may have been, I suppose there is the chance that I have double-checked it already, and have forgotten doing so; after all, I have proven myself fully capable of forgetfulness here, can't we all agree?

However, I suspect that such is not the case; I suspect that whatever it was that I was supposed to double-check has in fact gone without the additional check that I at one time considered important enough to turn to a fresh page of paper in my notebook and begin scribbling in fairly large letters.

No, I'm afraid that the best we can do now is hope that the first check was sufficient and that any double-check, had I remembered what it was supposed to be and had I executed it as intended, would have proven unnecessary.

What are the odds?

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