More fun with naming wireless nets

Although this one could conceivably bring unwanted attention


"Had to redo our wireless network this morning," Craig Fifield writes on Google+, "figured I might as well freak out the neighbors :)."

You can see what he means in the picture. I thought the v2 part was a nice touch.

(2012’s 25 Geekiest 25th Anniversaries)

An SEO guy and Internet marketer who previously worked as a product manager for Microsoft, Fifield is only the latest in a long line of merry pranksters who have used the SSID naming process as an opportunity to punk the neighbors. Perhaps you'll recall this post about FBI Van 1.

But I asked Fifield if he had any concerns that a neighbor might not get the gag and he could wind up getting a knock on the door from the authorities.

"Nope. I'd love that actually, I live on the edge. ;) "

I told him he's a madman.

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