Mythbusters' cannonball misfire still reverberating

Stars apologize; deleted pictures tweeted after mishap are still around

By now most of you know that the Mythbusters let a cannonball loose on a San Francisco neighborhood Monday.

(Friday update: Map does cannonball's path justice.)

According to legend - neither confirmed nor busted at this time - members of the Mythbusters cast tweeted a handful of photographs before the mayhem commenced and then deleted them after the seriousness of the damage became clear.

This being the Internet, deletion is easier attempted than done. So, we've gathered some of those temporarily public pictures, in addition to images from the apology parade that has ensued.  

In this first photo, posted to Twitter yesterday by ABC 7 News reporter Lyanne Melendez, Mythbusters stars Jamie Hyneman, left, and Adam Savage speak outside one of the damaged houses after apologizing to the homeowners. That TV report can be seen here.


Next up we have a series of photos posted by Jon Laslow to his LaslowNet blog with the explanation: "Fortunately, I use Plume for Android and it doesn't remove deleted tweets! Here are the removed pictures."

There's cast member Tory Belleci with a small cannon.

tory cannon2

And Belleci with a big cannon.

tory cannon1

Here's Kari Byron with an unidentified man.

Kari cannon

And, via a link in a comment on Laslow's blog, we see a picture of Byron with what presumably is the cannonball.

kari cannonball

All of the cast members issued apologies via Twitter.

Adam's @don'ttrythis Twitter address seems particularly apt.

adam tweet

Jamie assures us lessons have been learned.

Jamie tweet

Tory is contrite.

tory tweet

Kari is sorry.

kari tweet

And Grant Imahara speaks to the families.

grant tweet

The San Francisco Chronicle covered the in-person apology tour in detail.

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