3 more use Twitter to commit professional suicide

Aides to Democratic congressman fired after reckless tweeting


Three now former congressional aides are jobless this morning in part because they are worthless layabouts who drink on the job, but primarily because they are the latest to forget that Twitter lives on the Internet and tweets are visible to one and all.

(Steve Jobs ... in LEGO)

An inexplicably common memory lapse, certainly, but the behavior on display in this instance is breathtaking for both its brazenness and stupidity. You can read the tweets at NW Daily Marker.

U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen, a Democrat from Washington state, fired the trio yesterday and by his account took all of about an hour after being informed to do so.

That's no surprise. What will be surprising is if the three knuckleheads are able to find gainful employment again any time soon.

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