Follow the Mythbusters' bouncing cannonball

Map dramatically illustrates path of runaway projectile

Words fail to do justice to the path taken Monday by an errant cannonball fired as part of an experiment by television's Mythbusters, but this map does the trick.


The map was created by PerceptionBuilder and posted to its still-under-construction website with this note: "We heard about the Mythbusters' cannonball faux pas and got curious what the path looked like and couldn't find a map online. Take a look and be thankful no one got hurt! Keep up the great work Mythbusters!"

(Steve Jobs and his gadgets ... in LEGO)

(Update: If you missed it, here is Thursday's post with the cannon pictures that Mythbusters cast members tweeted - and quickly tried to delete - after the scope of Monday's accident became apparent.)

(Update 2: This episode jogged my memory and brought back another "Mythbusters have some explaining to do" episode from 2008 ... involving RFID.) 

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