Gentoo 12.0 LiveDVD Rolls Out

Latest Gentoo release features persistence boot option.

Gentoo announces the release of its new LiveDVD, which is available as a hybrid x86/x86_64 version and an x86_64 multi-lib version.

The latest Gentoo includes Linux kernel 3.1.5, Xorg 1.10.4, KDE 4.7.4 and Gnome 3.2.1. To see everything packed into Gentoo 12.0, check out the x86 and the amd64 package lists.

What's the biggest news in the newest Gentoo? David Abbott, Gentoo Linux developer, says that it's booting with the "persistence" boot option. "For USB Linux users, a persistent Linux install is one that allows its user to save data changes back to the USB storage device instead of leaving the information in system RAM," Abbott explains. "This data can then be recovered and used again on subsequent boots, even when booting from different machines."

He says that Gentoo's philosophy is to work closely with the upstream developers and report bugs to them and provide patches for review. "So the LiveDVD is really a great example of all the work that goes on upstream and what you can expect in the future," he says, adding, "Try it out, and if it works really well on your hardware, set up persistence and you will have Gentoo Linux you can take with you and still save your settings for $HOME. It includes programs and desktop environments that you may have wanted to try but just didn't want to install."

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