Ray Ozzie's latest tune: That's Cocomo with a 'C'

So far all we know is that it has produced a earworm


Back in the late 1990s, I got into the habit of contacting Ray Ozzie every month or so to see if he would spill some news about his startup Groove Networks, then in stealth mode, ultimately bought by Microsoft. Ozzie, who left Redmond a year ago, was unfailingly polite and unfailingly spilled not a bean.

So it was with a sense of déjà vu this morning that I read about Ozzie's latest venture, called Cocomo, and the precious little that has been gleaned about it ... including the meaning of the name.

Scott Kirsner of the Boston Globe, who broke the story, wrote: "Asked whether the name Cocomo stands for 'collaboration' and 'mobile,' Ozzie replied that 'there are many other interesting/apropos words that begin with 'co,' such as communication, coordination, conversation, coherence.' Or coconuts, I suppose."


When I first read the name my mind skipped immediately to The Beach Boys and their dreadful little ditty, Kokomo. Though the spellings differ, I thought perhaps Ozzie might be expressing his inner surfer dude. I even looked up the lyrics to see if perhaps they held a clue. That was a mistake, as I had clearly forgotten the extent of the song's inanity.

I'm sorry, Ray, for even entertaining the thought.

However, you might want to think about how your future marketing executives - and customers -- are going to look at the name, because that blasted song is now stuck in my head and I'm sure I won't be the only one to suffer this experience.

There's still time to change it. 

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