This was bound to happen on anti-SOPA 'blackout day'

Google is still providing search results today, but ...

Even though it has been the center of my blogging attention since awakening this morning, the whole anti-SOPA "blackout day" thing was bound to trip me up sooner or later ... and it did.

(2012's 25 Geekiest 25th Anniversaries)

A question popped into my mind, namely: What was the name of the family dog on "The Jetsons"? (Don't ask why I wanted to know, because the reason is even less important than the question.)

As we do whenever such a question occurs, I went to Google and typed: "name of Jetsons dog" ... and right there at No. 2 on the page of search results was "List of Jetsons characters." I hit the link and up pops:


Doh! I had momentarily forgotten; no Wikipedia today.

It was a perfect (though perfectly trivial) illustration of the point those participating in today's protest are trying to make.

And the dog's name was Astro.

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