McDonald's ad lands atop my Twitter stream

Not that it needs to stay there should I find it unappetizing

Can't say I'm lovin' it, but I've found I can live with the occasional McDonald's ad - a sponsored tweet - sitting on top of my Twitter stream. After all, the people who work at and have invested in Twitter need to eat ... and I'd hate to think they couldn't afford anything better than McDonald's.

However, I'm pretty sure that it is this type of McTweet that the naysayers had in mind when muttering their nays last year after Twitter announced its free lunch would be coming to an end.

It seems to me the ads are working out just find, though, at least from my end. The "Promoted by McDonald's" tag tell me that McDonald's paid Twitter for the real estate, thus reassuring me that I didn't somehow follow the burger king by mistake.  


And should this advertisement, or any similarly placed twit-pitch, bother me enough to want to see it removed, all I need to do is hit the "dismiss" link, and presto, it disappears.


This particular McDonald's tweet includes a link to a YouTube video that waxes poetic about three generations of the Foglesong family, Illinois cattle ranchers who supply the chain with beef. Perhaps you've seen the TV commercial.

Personally, I can't wait for the follow-up video featuring the three generations of slaughterhouse owners.

Followed by the meat-packing plant clan. ... What? You don't think so?

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