Google searches: Now with less evil (otherwise known as Google+)

A followup to my earlier gripes about Google+

My issues with how Google is pushing Google+ are well-known, so I'm happy to report that some engineers from some major social networking websites have decided to do something about it.  Engineers from Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have designed a new "Don't Be Evil" bookmarklet that actually (gasp!) adds search results from other social networking sites besides Google+ to Googles "People and Pages" sidebar.  You can learn more about this tool over at the Focus on the User website and can start using it right away by adding it to your bookmark toolbar.  I've already been playing around with it for a bit and can tell you that it's nice to have Britney Spears' and Snoop Dogg's Twitter feeds pop up on "People and Pages" when I search for "music" now.  Anyway, be sure to give it a look.

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