Farpoint Group’s New Video Series: Farpoint Focus

As I noted at the end of last year, we’re getting into video in a big way this year with a new set of productions under the Farpoint Focus brand. We’ll look at all kinds of developments in wireless technologies, products, services, and applications using the most information-rich, and perhaps challenging, medium ever invented.

I have done literally dozens of video productions over the years, but always from the front side of the camera. I know most people working in motion pictures want to direct, but what I really wanted to do is produce. Directing is making sure all of the pieces are there - producing is telling the story. There's concept, scripting, pre-production, scheduling, principal photography, other photography like screen captures, editing and post-production (the really time-consuming part), and final production. All of this takes way more time than most people think it should, and there is obviously a very high degree of artistic contribution in any successful production, even one from a techie like me just trying to express a thought or two.

Farpoint Focus, then, is a little self-indulgent in that my dream of being a producer is finally being realized. But I promise that content will always be king here; it's about the story, after all. I have a great crew to help with all of the difficult parts, most notably Paul Beaudoin of Beaudoin Video, and Barbara Chisholm of WACA/Ashland Cable Access, and I'm upgrading Salmon Run Studios, our previously-limited-to-audio production facility, to be able to produce video in-house as well. I've also purchased a good high-definition camcorder, so I may do a little behind-the-camera work as well if I ever get good enough. I love to write, and I'm now learning to love communicating via video. Like I said, this isn't easy, but video is the richest and most powerful content medium ever invented and I hope to be able to use that power to communicate is ways otherwise not possible.

Our first four Farpoint Focus productions are now complete. The first of these (look for "Seton Hill University Goes Mobile") is an interview I did with key staff at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA, not far from Pittsburgh. This is the most connected university I've ever seen - every student, and there are around 2200 of these, gets an iPad and a MacBook (!), and, of course, they bring their own wireless devices to campus as well. Want to see a large-scale, really-mission-critical installation in action? This is it. And they're also taking advantage of unified networking and unified management from Enterasys Networks to reduce staffing requirements and improve overall service. This is a great story, and hopefully the video makes the lessons learned here available to any IT department as well.

The next three, which I'll discuss in another posting shortly, cover several products from AirMagnet. I'm just waiting for the hosting to be completed, and I'll post the links here soon.

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