Hey, at least the Patriots topped the Giants at something

Google tells us what the world was searching for during Super Bowl

With the exception of a stray New Yorker or two, we are in mourning here this morning at Massachusetts-based Network World, a pall produced of course by the New England Patriots Super Bowl loss last night at the hands of the New York Giants.

So it is with more bitterness than actual interest that I convey Google's report on the terms that were most often entered into the company's search engine during the game.

At No. 1 was Madonna. I truly disliked her halftime show, although my 10-year-old daughter would beg to differ.

At No. 2 was "halftime show." See above.

And, at No. 3 was the word Patriots, two spots ahead of the word Giants at No. 5.

We're No. 3! We're No. 3!

No. 4 was Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

And I'm sure he's equally thrilled to have bested Eli Manning at something yesterday.

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