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DBaaS from EnterpriseDB for PosgreSQL

It seems like everything IT is being consumed as-a-Service (aaS) these days. So it should not be shocking that DBaaS, Database-as-a-Service is now available too.  EnterpriseDB, the company that has built a business supporting the PostgreSQL database announced last week that is now offering DBaaS through the Amazon Cloud.

The idea is to offer almost "instant on" easy database to anyone who desires it. From the announcement:

Postgres Plus Cloud Database combines the advantages of cloud computing with the features expected in an enterprise-class database, including:

  • Fully ACID compliant relational database service
  • Point-and-click simple setup & management with web-based interface 
  • Automatic scaling, load balancing and failover 
  • Automated online backup and point-in-time recovery
  • Database Cloning
  • Oracle database compatibility

Actually EnterpriseDB is offering Postgres Plus Cloud Database with two flavors of the database, PostgreSQL 9.1, and Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9. In addition to offering the service on the Amazon Cloud, EnterpriseDB is also supporting the HP Cloud Compute platform which runs Open Stack. Additionally, EnterpriseDB announced that CloudBees and Engine Yard have selected Postgres Plus Cloud Database as one of their leading database solutions.

I spoke with Karen Padir, EVP of products and engineering at EnterpriseDB.  The company actually envisions that their offering on Amazon is just one of the several ways that they will support DBaaS environments. They foresee partners offering their own PostgreSQL database in the cloud and then end user customers hosting the DB in the cloud themselves. 

This is very similar to the model of SugarCRM who also affords customers the same choice.  In fact in many ways this model is perfect for open source companies looking to monetize beyond traditional services and support.The future of companies looking to commercialize around an open source model should and probably will include a aaS model.  It is a natural extension of taking an opens source program and offering it as a service.  The cloud is and will disrupt the open source business model.

Of course Amazon and other cloud providers already offer MySQL support on their platforms.  Padir says that EnterpriseDB's offering is superior because more than just offering support on the platform, the PostgreSQL offering is optimized and has EnterpriseDB available for support.

So DBaaS is here, check it out and let me know what you think.

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