Datacenter in a box - containers are not just for storage

The new trend in datacenters

I'm used to thinking of data centers in the form of a large room, with racks, raised floor and neon lights. But there are other ways:

The things is, you dont have to be google to build a datacenter based on containers, the deployement can be based on a single container, parked in your parking lot, powered by generator and powerfull as your brick-and-mortar based one.

It can be a solution for disaster recovery, temporary need for extended resources or a permanent solution. There are probably many more uses that federal and state local agencies can think of.

Another variation of this is a mobile datacenter, compeletly independent and self sufficient. It is powered by generator, the airconditioning and cooling is built in and all you need is to load it on a truck and drive it to where its needed.

Here is a nice video of how this mobile data center is being build in World Wide Technology and how it looks from the inside:

More of the mobile data center can be found at:

More on container based data center is at:

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