iPad HD - What Apple's calling its next-gen tablet

Move over iPad 3 and say hello to the iPad HD

Say goodbye to the iPad 3 and instead say hello to the iPad HD. 

A number of sources are now relaying that Apple's next-gen tablet will be dubbed the iPad HD, an overt reference to its expected 2048 x 1536 Retina Display.

A few days ago, Gizmodo pointed that a few accessory manufacturers were already referring to Apple's next-gen iPad as the iPad HD. Now admittedly, Apple's doesn't often, if ever, share such information with third parties before they officially unveil a new product, but the evidence mounted as Gizmodo pointed to a number of analytics applications which recorded a slight uptick in visits from devices identifying themselves as iPad HD devices over the past few days.

Following that, CNET, citing a developer with a proven track record with respect to Apple happenings, relayed that Apple is opting to discard the iPad 3 moniker in favor of the iPad HD - which we can't lie, has a much better ring to it. And completing the trifecta, VentureBeat, citing their own reliable source, also jumped into the fray regarding the iPad HD name. 

Given the name, it seems clear that Apple will likely put the iPad's Retina Display at the forefront of its marketing efforts, further serving to solidify its dominance in the tablet space.

But there could be another trick up Apple's sleeve.

VentureBeat's source adds yet another voice to previous reports suggesting Apple is developing a smaller 7-inch tablet to even the playing field with the Amazon Kindle Fire which has seemingly sold well despite lukewarm reviews. If Apple does in fact go down that road, a smaller version of the iPad isn't likely to be released until late 2012 at the earliest.

Apple's iPad unveiling is set to take place this Wednesday in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The festivities will get underway at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time and we can expect CEO Tim Cook, along with a sprinkling of other Apple executives like Phil Schiller, to handle the presentation duties.

Lastly, it's now seeming more and more likely that the iPad HD will include 4G LTE support. iMore, which accurately predicted the March 7 iPad announcement date weeks ago is now reporting that iPad users itching for faster browsing speeds will get their wish come Wednesday.

via VentureBeat

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