What is Instagram and why should Android users care about it?

A well-loved app is coming to Android

The tech media is somewhat abuzz this morning because Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom said that Instagram will soon be available for Android.

But wait, what is Instagram?  Well, it's an incredibly popular iPhone app that now has more than 27 million users and has drawn universal praise from customers on the Apple App Store.  And when I say "universal praise, I mean it: there are roughly 34,000 reviews for the app on the store and more than 33,000 are four- and five-star reviews, while fewer than 200 are two- and one-star reviews.  Here's a typical slice of praise from an App Store customer:

❤❤❤❤Im in Love❤❤❤❤      

by Moogirl :P

Best App in the WHOLE WORLD! 

It is amazing. I love who ever invented this ❤


The people like it!  They really, really like it!

Oh, wait, you still don't know what this thing does?  OK, so Instagram is a photo-sharing app that features several nifty features that give your pictures a more arty, retro feel to them.  You can see two examples below:

The app also has a social networking component as you'll get to see all your friends' latest pictures as they post them whenever you open up the app.  You can also instantly share your pictures onto Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare and Posterous, meaning Instagram has all the major social networks covered (except Google+, that is, but I imagine that'll change if the app comes to Android).

So how about it, fellow Android users?  Are you TOTALLY PUMPED to have Instagram coming to your device soon?  Well, that might go a little too far, but this does seem like it'll make a nice addition to the Android Market Google Play in the near future.

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