a different type of IT conference

an IT conference that claims to be more than a tradeshow

Here is an interesting, free to attend conference that I wanted to highlight:

The points I liked about it is not about what it is, but about what it is not:

  • A Marketing Event
  • A Trade Show
  • Models with PowerPoints and Brochures
  • A business card swap
  • More Money = Bigger Signage

The important highlights of it is that for a vendor to have a booth, they need to have a fully functional lab on the floor and to have knowledgeable lab technicians to answer questions on it. If you go to a booth, you should have the ability to dive deep into all the aspects of the solution and not just get a squeeze ball and a brochure.

Also, the breakout sessions are mostly demo's and not presentations.

Here is another video about it's value from the geek networking aspect:

For more info and registration, go to http://www.geekday.com

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