DataStax Enterprise 2.0 Combines Cassandra, Hadoop And Solr For Ultimate Big Data Solution

Open source search added to leading Cassandra-Hadoop offering

With the GigOm Structure Data conference going on this week in NYC, there is lots of news around the still red hot Big Data space. One of the big announcements (no pun intended) was from DataStax, the Cassandra company annoucning that they have released version 2.0 of their DataStax Enterprise Solution.

Of course DataStax is known for its Cassandra expertise and working with Hadoop. In version 2.0 of their Enterprise release they bundled in Big Data search capabilities by working with a third Apache project, Solr. So now with Cassandra database, Hadoop and Solr, DataStax thinks they are delivering what companies are looking for and need in Big Data solutions. According to the release:

"The platform delivers a comprehensive, integrated data management solution that manages real-time data with Cassandra, provides batch analytic capabilities with Apache Hadoop, and enables enterprise search on that same data with Apache Solr."

It may be just in time. After a lot of hype over the last 12 months, Big Data solutions are starting to get the attention of large enterprises beyond the mega-web propoerties that gave birth to them like Facebook and Twitter. Many of these organizations are finding these solutions sadly lacking in maturity, security and functionality. Of course this is normal for any new technology, but the challenge for the Big Data industry is to capitalize on the opportunity in front of it and not fizzle out because the technology is not ready for prime time.

Solr is a widely used enterprise class open source search solution. I spoke with DataStax CEO Billy Bosworth in advance of the release. To Bosworth the search integration is a key piece of the puzzle that has been missing from Big Data solutions until now.  From the DataStax release:

By combining the search capabilities of Solr with the real-time and analytic database capabilities of Cassandra and Hadoop, DataStax Enterprise 2.0 provides Google-like capability for your database, with the added benefit of not needing to implement time-consuming and error-prone data movement routines.  Further, because DataStax Enterprise 2.0 is built on Cassandra, the platform delivers a scalable Solr for enterprise search with no single points of failure.  It also provides real-time search operations, full data durability, scalable and performant write operations across multiple datacenters, automatic data sharding, and easy index rebuild operations, none of which are found in native Solr. Lastly, in addition to the native Solr API’s, developers can access Solr/search information using the SQL-like Cassandra Query Language (CQL), which makes it easy to query data stored in Solr.

Often times the road to maturity is made up of a series of smal steps rather than big leaps.  DataStax Enterprise 2.0 is more of a big leap along the road to making Big Data a real enteprise solution. There will plenty of other steps along the way for sure.

In the meantime, news around Big Data, NoSQL and Hadoop is keeps coming from the Structure Data conference. I will cover some other news in the days ahead.

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