Fridge magnet makes ordering favorite pizza easy as pie

Although the move to Dubai may prove a bit difficult

As a general rule, I'm not a big fan of technology that takes something that's already easy and makes it a little bit easier. Life's not that short.

But I am going to make an exception for what Red Tomato Pizza, located in Dubai, is calling its VIP Fridge Magnet, which allows customers to order delivery of a pre-selected favorite pie with just one touch. This 21-second video, apparently produced by a caffeine fiend, shows how the gadget works.

And this movie trailer-like companion clip shows when and how it might come in handy.

Oh, sure, some who have seen the videos are worried that children will treat the button like just another cookie jar or your drunken friends will do as drunken friends will do.

I am not concerned.

After all, what are such trifling matters when I can get my pepperoni-and-mushroom one phone call faster?

(Update: Prefer to have Mexican food delivered? Well, instead of Dubai, you'll need to visit Fantasyland in order to be served by the Tacocopter.)

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