Joke about Apple getting sued hits too close to home

Mere days after an 83-year-old woman files million-dollar lawsuit


You probably saw the news last week about an 83-year-old woman suing Apple for a million bucks because she suffered a broken nose by walking smack-dab into a glass wall in one of the company's New York City retail stores. Coverage of the incident included more than one wag suggesting that such a lawsuit could lead to similar class-action litigation being filed in behalf of birds, because this kind of beak-to-glass collision is not uncommon among our fine feathered friends.

 Well, I hope I don't get sued.

This morning, as I took a third step away from the breakfast table, I heard behind me a startlingly loud bang, wheeled around and shouted, "WHAT was THAT?"

That was three or four birds hitting the sliding glass door, according to my daughter, Emma, who had the best - you might say a bird's-eye - view of the collision.

Now regular readers may recall that this isn't the first time this has happened at my house. The previous instance provided considerably more drama, too, as one bird struggled to recover. (Yes, I know I need to affix one of those bird decals to the door.)

This time, however, the birds gathered themselves and flew off almost instantly ... no doubt straight to the office of a lawyer.

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