Cisco, VMware and EMC Offer Training As Trends Evolve

1 More Example That IT Pros Need To Constantly Expand Skills and Knowledge.

There is no doubt that things in the IT world are evolving rapidly.   It professionals running data centers have to be on their toes and keep up with the changes.

If you missed the announcement, Cisco, VMware and EMC are collaborating to bring training for IT pros in the areas of virtualization, unified communications, networking, big data, cloud computing, and data center infrastructure.

The three companies feel that at this point the changes taking place in these areas are affecting how people must run their data centers. They will be offering certifications and training to help people adapt to these changes and provide the knowledge to expand their skill set to meet future demands. 

The focus of the training is to provide the kind of flexibility that allows different IT pros to gain the right information that will help with their specific environment.

The training includes "learning paths" for systems administrators and data center network architects. Class topics will include EMC cloud infrastructures, Cisco-based data centers, and services, data science and big data analytics.

Always Be Learning. The More That Things Change the More They Stay the Same.

It's true there are a ton of exciting changes happening in a number of areas in the information technology world.   These changes are opening up new opportunities to businesses.

With the new opportunities for businesses comes an opportunity for IT professionals. 

This is a reminder to IT pros that they need to constantly be learning and growing their skills.  Data centers are getting increasingly sophisticated and with emerging trends each data center will have a more distinct identity that matches the needs of their business.

Will your organization be affected by trends in UC, cloud computing, big data, or virtualization? If so, how?  What learning opportunities do you need to embrace?

Will you be ready to capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves? 

Will you be able to leverage these trends to provide the right solutions for your organization? 

For those that are constantly learning, these can be exciting times.  

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