L.A. hockey team taunts entire Canadian province on Twitter

Social media experts would frown upon doing this kind of thing, but …

If you care not about Twitter and/or the National Hockey League, feel free to move about the cabin.

This tweet early this morning from the official Twitter account of the Los Angeles Kings hockey team has sparked something of an international incident, loosely defined:


Here's the background for those who need it: The Vancouver Canucks are considered unpopular outside of Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia; so unpopular, in fact, that it was reported last year that many Canadians outside of the province were rooting for the Boston Bruins to beat the Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals, even though Canadians would generally be expected to root for the Canadian team under such circumstances.

Last night the gaudily American Hollywood Kings defeated the Canucks 4-2 in Game 1 of their playoff series. And the Kings Twitter master tweaked all of British Columbia by suggesting the rest of Canada would be grateful for that outcome.

Some, however, were not amused.


Others found the tweet witty and the complainers thin-skinned.

Yes, yes, yes, this isn't recommended social-media behavior for businesses.

But we're talking hockey here. No penalty. Play on.

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