IPv6 Summit Recap

Review of 2012 North American IPv6 Summit

This week the 2012 North American IPv6 Summit conference took place in Denver, Colorado. This was likely the largest IPv6 conference in North America this year. This event is coordinated by the regional IPv6 task forces and is made possible by the efforts of many volunteers. The IPv6 Summit is a great way to learn about IPv6 and get information from leading IPv6 experts on the latest developments. This year's IPv6 Summit was bigger in every way than previous year's events.

This is the fifth year that this IPv6 Summit event has been hosted in the springtime in Denver, Colorado. The event started as a one-day event and has now grown to a three-day event with six full days of content. The conference started off with the pre-conference tutorials. The tutorials are designed to provide the attendees additional training prior to the conference so they can get the most out of the technical sessions on the following days. This year, over 100 people attended one of two tutorials that were offered.

The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) has supported the event for the 5th year in a row. ARIN has been a significant supporter of IPv6 with their IPv6 Info Center and their IPv6 Wiki site.

John Curran, President and CEO of ARIN, kicked off the event with a keynote presentation "IPv6 Market Viability--Revisited" where he gave a historical review of IPv6 and described how IPv6 is the only way forward for the Internet.

The exhibit hall was very busy on both days and over 25 vendors were represented. ARIN gave away gave out IPv6 stickers, and other items at their booth. The mouse pads were probably my favorite items. If you didn't get a chance to get your items from the ARIN booth or you are organizing an IPv6 event then you can request materials from ARIN.

ARIN IPv6 MousePad

The conference had an amazing collection of IPv6 experts talking about their experiences deploying IPv6. The first day of the conference has a World IPv6 Launch panel which discussed the lessons learned from last year's World IPv6 Day and who is participating in World IPv6 Launch on June 6, 2012. This panel was moderated by Chris Grundemann (CableLabs and CO ISOC) and contained presentations by Richard Jimmerson (ISOC), Lee Howard (Time Warner Cable), Tim Winters (UNH IOL), and Tony Lam (Yahoo!). The first day also contained a government panel that discussed the IPv6 adoption in U.S. government organizations. This panel was moderated by Yurie Rich (Nephos6) and contained presentations by Dale Geesey (Auspex Technologies), Steven Pirzchalski (VA), and Ron Broersma (DREN).

The conference has fantastic IPv6 Internet connectivity provided by both TW Telecom and Century Link.

The conference had full dual-protocol and IPv6-only wireless connectivity using a variety of equipment including a Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller running the latest version 7.2 software (donated by GTRI's wireless team and configured by Ed Horley).

The IPv6 task force volunteers also helped organize an IPv6 interoperability lab. Infoblox demonstrated their DNS/DHCPv6 systems. ARRIS displayed their C4 CMTS system with their Cable Modems with client CPE devices. A10 Networks had one of their ADC appliances performing NAT64/DNS64, DS-Lite, and CGN/LSN to three different networks. Fortinet showed off their dual-protocol Fortigate firewall connected to dual-protocol Internet connectivity.

Nephos6, along with the IPv6 Forum, offered complimentary IPv6 Forum Certified Engineer testing at the conference. This gave conference attendees a chance to test their IPv6 knowledge and show what they know about IPv6. Attendees registered to take the 1-hour exam during the conference and about 75% of them passed their exams.

There was a lot of collaboration between attendees and countless side-conversations between people sharing their knowledge of IPv6. Network World's own Carolyn Duffy Marsan (Senior Editor, Enterprise Applications) was at the conference covering new IPv6-related stories. She covered a story about Comcast beginning to offer native IPv6 Internet connectivity to its subscribers. She also wrote about how business continuity is a significant driver for IPv6.

The Source of Knowledge (SoK) performed audio and video recording of the sessions. The conference has produced DVDs with the full audio/video and conference proceedings. The full conference proceedings are available on DVD for purchase through the Source of Knowledge.

The IPv6 Summit event organizers are already starting to think about next year. The plans are to have another IPv6 Summit in the April timeframe in 2013.

If you weren't able to attend the North American IPv6 Summit and would like to attend another IPv6 event there are a full set of international IPv6 conferences listed on the IPv6 Forum's web site.


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