IBM targets mobile, BYOD customers with cloud software, security services

IBM’s Mobile Foundation includes support for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices

IBM today rolled out a comprehensive package of software and services to help customers handle growing mobile device-based workforces.

IBM's Mobile Foundation pulls together a number of its recent technology acquisitions to offer a package of mobile cloud integration, device management and applications development offerings.  For example, Mobile Foundation includes the Websphere Cast Iron server that lets mobile clients tie into the cloud services Cast Iron, which IBM bought in 2010, supports such as, Amazon, and  SAP. 

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Mobile Foundation, introduced at IBM's  also includes development and integration tools from Worklight - technology IBM acquired earlier this year.  The Worklight platform is suitable for developing mobile applications for and includes software development kits for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices.

Through new resources provided on its DeveloperWorks at no charge, IBM is also providing the technical skill building information developers need to start building secure mobile solutions ranging from simple applications to integrated web-based and native architectures.

The package also includes IBM Endpoint Manager software that lets manage and secure mobile device endpoints. For example, customers can wipe enterprise data and applications from endpoints when needed.  These unified capabilities extend from servers and laptops, to smartphones and tablets.

IBM already offers a cloud-based managed service for mobile devices that let IT managers exert management and security controls over devices based on Apple iOS, Google Android, the RIM BlackBerry, Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile. The service relies on an IBM software agent being installed on each device intended to be managed. The IBM Hosted Mobile Device Security Management service offers anti-malware protection, and the ability to detect and remove malicious or unapproved applications.

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Also included in Mobile Foundation is a service IBM calls Quick Win Pilot which IBM says can assist clients with their mobile strategy and deployment. At the end of the 10 week pilot, clients are able to implement a defined use case with IBM Mobile technology and achieve tangible results.

Finally, new capabilities in the IBM DataPower appliances can now help IT organizations quickly and securely expose their enterprise data and services to mobile devices, IBM said.

Pricing and packaging details were unavailable.

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