Make your own Avengers trailer with WeVideo tool

YouTube lets you remix your own take on Friday's Avengers film via cloud-based video editor

If you are pumped for this Friday's Avengers movie (I may be waiting in line for the midnight screener myself), you've probably already watched a ton of movie trailers, fan-made films, LEGO animation versions and parody videos. But now you can make your own trailer remix, thanks to a new tool from WeVideo and YouTube.

WeVideo, a DEMO company we profiled when it launched last year, uses the cloud to let users edit video without a bulky video editing application. With this collaboration, users can pick from a number of different Avengers clips, add music and transitions. It doesn't feature any dialog from the movie, but you can still do an impressive job with the different clips to make it look like a cool music video.

I haven't had time to completely play with the tool, but you can see the results of what other users have already done - there are more than 440 videos created so far, with more likely to come as more people find out about this tool. Here's a good one:

Video editors, assemble!

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