Video highlights from Interop 2012

Catch up on some video interviews from the networking trade show

Here's a roundup of the videos I conducted while at last week's Interop 2012 conference and trade show in Las Vegas. The show featured a mixture of technology discussions and new product demonstrations, and some entertaining distractions as well:

One of the big things to see at the show is the Interop NOC, in which a bunch of companies get together to help run the network for the exhibitors, speakers and press areas. In this video, I got to speak with AJ from Quest Software about how their company was monitoring the SNMP traffic at the show to troubleshoot any problems before they became big problems. Also cool because I was able to get them to turn on the red flashing light:

Next up, I had the honor of speaking with John Curran from ARIN (American Registry of Internet Numbers) about the upcoming Global IPv6 Launch Day, and what groups of people need to be concerned about IPv6 conversion:

Another update interview I did was with Greg Ennis from the Wi-Fi Alliance, who discussed their new voice-over-Wi-Fi certification programs, as well as Wi-Gig and 802.11ac updates.

In this video, I interviewed Steve Brown from Network Instruments about their annual survey of show attendees, getting the pulse of what topics are hot at the show. This year it was videoconferencing and cloud computing, the "800-pound gorilla" as Brown discusses here:

Some video interviews were hit-and-miss - sometimes the audio was off or the topic wasn't worthy of a full-length interview. In that case, I mashed up three interviews into one video - check out some interesting items from the Center for Internet Security, Blue Coat Systems and ExtraHop Networks (apologies to Eaton - I had an interview filmed there as well but the audio was defective).

Lastly, I did have some fun at the show - in this video, I was able to film some of the "distractions" on the show floor, those ever-exciting booth exhibits that aim to draw in attendees. I also had some fun testing out a new time-lapse camera (review coming in Cool Tools soon).

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