Tab syncing highlights the latest Google Chrome update

Unfortunately, Chrome for Android is still in beta...

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The good news: The latest version of Chrome allows you to sync up tabs on your desktop PC with tabs on your smartphone and tablet.  The bad news: Chrome for Android is still in beta testing, meaning that it's only available on a limited number of devices.

All the same, this seems like a pretty sweet little innovation.  As an information junkie, I often start reading a really cool article in the morning and then get interrupted by the need to drive to work (the tyranny!).  By the time I get to the office, I forgot what cool article I was in the middle of reading.  Oh no!  What am I to do!  The answer, it seems, will be to have my tabs synced up across devices.

Of course, this being Google, the tab-syncing processing isn't automatic.  You do have to specifically sign into Chrome with your Google account to get it done, which  likely opens you up to Google's tracking algos.  But if you're willing to let Google know even more information about you and your web-surfing habits, you should give it a shot.  

Here's a snappy video for those who want to see this miraculous tab syncing in all its glory:

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