2012 Larry Awards for Best Interop Product Presentation

Interop Las Vegas Awards

Once again it is time for the Annual Larry Awards for Best Interop Presentation. Unlike the Best of Interop Awards these awards are given to the vendor who presents the best product presentation on the show floor. Spending three days in the weeds and watching some presentations twice, it was a well-spent trip.

larry awards
Here are the categories for The Larry Awards for Best Interop Product Presentation:

1.     Cloud Networking

2.     Collaboration, VOIP, Video, Unified Communications

3.     Data Center, Storage, Infrastructure, Virtualization

4.     Network Management, Monitoring

5.     Network Optimization

6.     Cellular, Wireless, Mobility

7.     Lab of Future Products

8.     Security

And the winners are ...


Cloud Networking: Spirent Communications 

Providing another great presentation and with its announcement of working with the HP cloud, Spirent once again got my node. The people in the booth were very helpful and always go the extra mile to help you understand the product and solution.


call copy
Collaboration, VOIP, Video, Unified Communications: Call Copy

Call Copy is a vendor who provides solutions for call center and VoIP recording. They were in the Cisco booth this year where I met them. The presentation was great; the solution and customer list was most impressive. I really liked the company brochure and its shows what a great product they do have. 


Data Center, Storage, Infrastructure, Virtualization: HP

It seemed HP stepped thing up this year with their presentations on the floor. They were much better than Cisco, Huawei, Extreme and others. Next year I think they could do even better if they rearrange their booth and put the main presentations in the middle with everything else around them. 

e networks

Network Management, Monitoring: Enterasys Networks

Looking over the solution the company presented for BYOD was very good, I like it much more than and others I was shown. Being able to monitor and manage everything for a company that wants to allow BYOD is becoming a security nightmare. But the way that Enterasys Networks presented it made sense, much more than other. 


Network Optimization: Riverbed Technology

Winning once again is Riverbed; they did something new this year by presenting a live demo. The demo and presentation were done well, plus the seating was always packed even on Thursday. The idea of taking pictures of attendees was done on the back side of the booth. For me I would have used that space to do even more presentations of their other products. Next year maybe they will listen to me. 


Cellular, Wireless, Mobility: Cloudpath Networks

While this area lacked this year at Interop, Cloudpath Networks did a good job presenting their XpressConnect Enrollment System. While next year I hope they might have some more technical people presenting and answering questions, it was better than all of the others. Last year's winner Vidyo did not attend Interop.

Labs or Future Products: No Winner

Due to NDA's and embargoes on material I was given and briefed about at Interop we do not have a winner this year. The two best presentations that I was given I cannot write about. Next year we are going to try harder to get them to present future products on the floor for all to see. My presentations and briefings were on the floor but one on one. 


Security: Axis 

Axis does one thing and they do it really well: security monitoring. The presentations this year were better than last year and the changes they made ranked them well over MacAfee. I did tell them that they need to take the booth from ICA West and use that at Interop. It would make a bigger splash and allow them to get more people into the booth. But they did have a great staff and everyone knew the product.   

Congratulations to all award winners!

My Take on Interop this year was good; first I need to thank the staff at Interop and the people who take care of the media. They do not get enough credit for the great job that they do.

In my opinion, Huawei did not do themselves any favors at Interop with their performance. I understand they are a company from China, but if you are in America then you need more of an American staff to talk to people. Also, not wanting to answer questions about your products, sales and customer base does you no good. A professional speaker is needed for all main presentations; this will at least help you keep people sitting down for 10 minutes.

Cisco needs to change the whole booth for next year; they really need to show more on routing and switching in the main presentations. With Huawei in the booth next to you and products that look identical to yours, you need to show why yours are better. The CTO of Cisco could have come and spent some time in the booth talking to customers. This really could have helped.

Interop needs to grow, they are not using the entire floor at Mandalay Bay, and they could allow vendors to have bigger booths. This might help keep people in the booths longer and allow more products or live demo's to be shown.

Interop needs to stop with the free floor passes; all this allows is for people to bring four and five bags for goodies. I cannot tell you how many people with free expo passes walk around for three days taking anything free. So either vendors stop giving things out or Interop stops the free expo passes. Every vendor I met with expressed this and said it is a problem every year. One lady had a suit case she was filling up.

But the best moment at Interop this year was during the HP Press Briefing. While the new HP GM was giving a presentation a member of the media (not Network World) fell asleep and then started to snore. Everyone in the room heard him and a HP staff member had to wake him up. Then he had the nerve to go the media dinner being host by this same HP GM. Priceless.

The only other area I would mention is the keynotes. They were more like infomercials for those vendors' products. Next year Interop needs to stop that.

See you all in New York.

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