Apple now selling Nest Thermostat

Given that Nest Labs founder Tony Fadell has such close ties to Apple, it's not all that surprising that Apple Stores are now selling the Nest Thermostat

Often credited as the godfather of the iPod, former Apple engineer Tony Fadell worked in Cupetino for 8 years before retiring in 2008. Two years later, Fadell got back in the game, so to speak, by founding Nest Labs.

Nest Labs, in case you're unfamiliar, released a very Apple-esque thermostat to the extent that it's elegantly designed and extremely easy to use. Simply dubbed "Nest", it's programmable, and more than that, is a "learning" thermostat capable of adjusting a room's temperature as to save on heating and cooling costs. For instance, Nest can be taught to lower the temperature while a homeowner is off at work and begin to raise it back up before the homeowner returns.

And given Fadell's ties to Apple, it's perhaps all not that surprising that the thermostat will be offered for sale in Apple's online store. And just how much is this little puppy gonna cost ya? $249.95.

The Verge reports:

Though the move might seem somewhat outside of Apple's usual purview, the two companies are on many levels a natural match. Both have a pronounced emphasis on design and usability in their respective products, and Nest creator Tony Fadell was one of the individuals behind the iPod and the original iPhone [...] Integration with the Nest Mobile app for both Android and iOS is also a key part of the system's functionality. If you'd like to pick up one of the thermostats for yourself, they're available now.

You can check it out on Apple's online store over here.

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